Your Box Learning believes that by focusing on their strengths, an exceptional learner can succeed and thrive in a mainstream school. To this end, we provide individualized counsel and tutoring to help parents and their exceptional learners leverage natural learning abilities and become effective self-advocates.

In other words, we help every learner find their own "learning box" - their own unique starting point that allows them to most easily and effectively process and absorb information. We then offer guidance as they integrate their own learning style into their mainstream classroom in a way that grows their confidence and independence and allows them to not only academically survive, but thrive.

To this end, we offer a variety of tutoring and advocacy services, customized to each exceptional learner's individual needs.

Jonathan Wilcox

Exceptional Learner Advocate and Tutor, Sole Proprietor of Your Box Learning

 Jonathan Wilcox

Jonathan Wilcox

Jon Wilcox, exceptional learner advocate and tutor, is a highly qualified teacher with over ten years experience working with children. He holds a B.A. in Elementary Education with a minor in English from Azusa Pacific University and has received a SPED Generalist credential in the state of Colorado, a secondary certificate in mathematics, social studies, and English, as well as a credential in two states for elementary education. Mr. Wilcox has worked extensively with a variety of age groups in a tutoring environment and excels at developing individualized curriculum to meet the needs of exceptional learners. Having had experience as a Paraeducator, a Special Education case manager, and a General Education teacher, Mr. Wilcox is well equipped to navigate the complex realities of the Special Education System. Most importantly, Mr. Wilcox has firsthand experience with a disability and as a result is able to relate to each student as an individual learner and help them tap into their strengths.

Mr. Wilcox lives in Colorado Springs with his opera-singing wife, Karin. In his free time, he enjoys reading, and spending time with friends and family, laughing, and enjoying life.