We offer advocacy services*** for K-12 students who are documented exceptional learners:

  • Students on IEPs
  • Students on 504s
  • Struggling GT Learners

Advocacy services include, but are not limited to:

  • parent consultation regarding how to best keep up with the child’s teachers and be prepared for the IEP meeting and or annual 504 meeting.*
  • assistance with IEP meetings, through attendance and advocacy on your child’s behalf at the meeting* **
  • Help in cultivating your exceptional learners strengths and educational bents.

*As a part of our advocacy service of meeting attendance, we require that Mr. Wilcox be retained as a tutor for the exceptional learner at least one hour per week for 2-3 months before the meeting takes place, as well as observe a one-hour consultation session with the exceptional learner's parents to become as informed as possible. He must also have had sufficient time allotted and written permission to contact the exceptional learner's teachers to obtain and discuss the exceptional learner's student records before the meeting.

**Mr. Wilcox’s advocacy services are informative only and do not constitute legal advice or service.

***advocacy services are only available for the Colorado Springs and Monument, CO regions